The Cornish Club
Foreign Trade and the Interior Bank
Religious Influence in Mission Schools Volume Talbot Collection of British Pamphlets
The Ferry Road on Long Island
A Home in Southern California
Venereal Diseases in Siam League of the Red Cross Societies Far Eastern Conference Bangkok November-December 1922
Ireland Agriculture and the War An Open Letter to Irish Farmer by the Editor of the Irish Homestead
The Character of Shakespeare
Monterey Cypress
The Influence of Washington Address Before the Historical Society of Berks
The Octave Staff Diatonic and Chromatic Reducing the Different Staves to One Furnishing an Exclusive Place for Each Tone Without Flats or Sharps
Fishways in the Inland Waters of British Columbia
Law and Regulations Relative to Excise Tax on Corporations Joint Stock Companies Associations and Insurance Companies Imposed by Authority of Section 38 Act of August 5 1909 December 3 1909
Strictures on a Work Entitled a Vindication [Of the Character of Bishop Bull] in a Letter to Charles Daubeney
Adversaria Sinica Volume 2
Statements of Apropriations Expenditures and Balances Seacoast Fortifications and Field Artillery (Organized Militia Artillery Excluded) for the United States and Its Insular Possessions (Panama Canal Excluded) 1888 to June 30 1915 Inclusive
The Second Revolution a Political Treatise
An Address Delivered at North-Yarmouth April 28 1830 Before the Cumberland Co Temperance Society
Annual Reports of the Selectmen and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Franklin Volume 1875
The Laws of Rhode Island College Enacted by the Fellows and Trustees
The National Geological Surveys of Europe
Report of the Committee of the Citizens Association of Chicago on Education
The Preservation of the Republic an Oration Delivered Before the Municipal Authorities and Citizens of Providence July 4 1862
Electrical Measurements Instruction Paper Volume 2
America in the Making
The West A Collection of Verses Expressing the Spirit of the West
Hints from Utopian Schools
Company Man Uvres Or Suggestions for Company Drill in the System Laid Down in the Field Exercise and Evolutions of Infantry
What Shall Be Done with the People of Color in the United States? a Discourse Delivered in the First Presbyterian Church of Penn Yan New York November 2D 1862
Some Fundamental Issues of the Present War
Sphagum Moss War Substitute for Cotton in Absorbent Surgical Dressings
An Historical Discourse Delivered in the New North Church October 1 1854
Bostons Story in Inscriptions Being Reproductions of the Markings That Are or Have Been on Historic Sites
An Oration Delivered Before the Newburyport Artillery Company Upon Their Fifty-Eighth Anniversary July 4th 1836
Formicidae Borneenses Collectae A J Doria Et O Beccari in Territorio Sarawak Annis 1865-1867
Potowonok An Historical Sketch of Fort Madison in Verse
The Centennial of Illinois Statehood
The Stenographic Standard Or a Practical System of Short-Hand
Seven Articles on London Pauperism and Its Relations with the Labour Market Published in The Parochial Critic and Weekly Record of Metropolitan Organisations in July and August 1870
Eulogy on Chief-Justice Chase
Ritual of the Society Tom Os Hanter Cavern No
Lecture on the Uncertainties of History Delivered in the Hall of the House of Representatives of the United States Before the Capitol Hill Institute Dec 17 1842
Fitz-John Porter Speech of the Hon Wm Walter Phelps February 1 1884 House of Representatives
Per Diem Service Pensions
Hearings Before Committee on Insular Affairs House of Representatives Forestry Matters in the Philippines
The Hyperbolic Curve and the Law of Progression of Rotating Bodies
How to Vitalize the Teaching of Agriculture in the Rural Schools
The Kennicott Company
The War with Spain Speech in the House 1898
The Carver Centenary

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