Drilling Wells in Oklahoma by the Mud-Laden Fluid Method
Documents I with Walker in Nicaragua the Reminiscences of Elleanore Callaghan Ratterman II Walker-Heiss Papers Some Diplomatic Correspondence of the Walker Regime in Nicaragua
Two Essays in Folk-Lore The Fall of Hochelaga a Study of Popular Tradition And Above and Below a Mythological Disease of Language
The Smoke Problem at Boiler Plants A Preliminary Report
Tests of Oxyacetylene Welded Joints in Steel Plates
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 28 February 1 1893
The First University in America 1619-1622 An Address Delivered by W Gordon McCabe President of the Virginia Historical Society Before the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Virginia May 31 1911 at Dutch Gap on James River
An Epistle to Dr Thompson
Variations in Milk and Milk Procuction
Philosophischen Quellen Des Philo Von Alexandria in Seiner Schrift UEBer Die Vorsehung Die
Strathcona Horse Speech by Nicholas Flood Davin Lansdowne Park March 7th 1900 A D on the Occasion of the First Parade of the Strathcona Horse When a Flag from the Town of Sudbury Was Presented by Her Excellency the Countess of Minto
On the Question of the Occurrence of Creatinine and Creatine in Blood A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Cornell University for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
The Angel at the Sepulchre
A Cheap Enamel for Stoneware Vol 2 1908-1909
Uber Kathoden-Kanal-Rontgen-Und Becquerelstrahlen
The Proud Miss MacBride A Legend of Gotham
Proofreading in the Fifteenth Century An Examination of the Evidence Relating to Correctors of the Press at Work in Paris Prior to 1500
The Erie War
There Is No Unbelief A Poem
Die Sittenlehre Des Lucrez
Catalogue of the Bryan Lathrop Collection of Etchings and Lithographs by James McNeill Whistler Exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago March 12 to May 1 1917
Letter to the REV John Bachman DD on the Question of Hybridity in Animals Considered in Reference to the Unity of the Human Species
Verses 1905-1908
The Muses Advice Addressed to the Poets of the Age
Selections from Several of the More Eminent Cavalier Poets With an Introduction and Brief Biographical and Critical Notes
Youth and Scientific Innovation The Role of Young Scientists in the Development of a New Field
On the Motion of a Sphere of Oil Through Carbon Dioxide and an Exact Determination of the Coefficient of Viscosity of That Gas by the Oil Dorp Method
Grimmer and Kamper the End of Sivard Snarenswayne And Other Ballads
The Spirit of the American Red Cross A Chapter from the Autobiography of Nathaniel Carter Deane
A Plainsong
Interstate Commerce and Railway Traffic Course Outline of Study and Suggestions as to Methods
Songs of the Yellowstone Park Camps
Ueber Den PROLOG Zu Faust Von Goethe
Irish Poets and the East
Nova Albion 1579
Wagners Opera Lohengrin Containing the German Text with an English Translation and the Music of All the Principal Airs
A Recital in Song Story and Dance of the Old Scotch Romance of Bonnie Prince Charlie and Flora MacDonald
Poetry of To-Day Vol 1 The Poetry Review New Verse Supplement September-October 1919
A New Years Address to the Patrons of the Essex Gazette 1828 With a Letter Hitherto Unpublished
An Oration Poem and Ode Delivered Before the Members of the H L of I O of O F on the Seventh Day on July 1848
Our Idolatry In Simple Rhyme
Oppression a Poem by an American With Notes by a North Briton
What the Daisies Told Me
In the Hospital
Glossary of Terms in Radioactivity
In the Days When the World Was Wide and Other Verses
Auld Robin Gray A Ballad
The Nations Lament A Sermon Preached by the REV Dr Adler Chief Rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of the British Empire At the Memorial Service Held at the Great Synagogue on Wednesday January 20th 5652-1892
Delphic Kansas
Catalog for 1921 of Vermonts Hardiest Varieties of Fruit Trees Berry Plants Shade Trees Shrubs Vines Perennials
The Ballad of Jefferson D
And They Went to the War
War Pieces
University Calendar Michaelmas 1857
An Address Before the Medical Society of the State of North Carolina At Its First Annual Communication in Raleigh April 1850
The Jewish Monument at Kaifungfu
Three Trips to the Tropics or the West Indies in Winter 1903 1904 1905
Souvenir of the Opening of the Town Hall 19th July 1905
List of Photograph Dealers With Index by Countries and Descriptive Notes on Collections of Photographs in Some Massachusetts Libraries and Museums
Prize Essay on the National Benefits to Be Derived from the Repeal of the Malt Tax
Spectral Energy Distribution of the Light Emitted by Plants and Animals
The National Debt and Paper Currency or How to Save the Taxpayers Seven Millions a Year
Selective Radiation from Various Solids
The Effect of Magnetization Upon the Elasticity of Rods
Is the Editor In? A Farce
A Short Treatise of the Second Appearing of Christ in and Through the Order of the Female
New Mexico and California The Ancient Monuments and the Aboriginal Semi-Civilized Nations of New Mexico and California With an Abstract of the Early Spanish Explorations and Conquests in Those Regions Particularly Those Now Falling Within the Territo
On the Theory of the Matthews and the Russell-Leonard Photometers for the Measurement of Mean Spherical and Mean Hemispherical Intensities
The Agricultural College Extension Bulletin Vol 10 Correspondence Courses Offered by the College of Agriculture Ohio State University August 1915
The Economics of Direct Employment With an Account of the Fair Wages Policy
Gedanken Ber Den Militrischen Geist
Zur Abstinenzfrage Epilog Zum Letzten Antialkoholismus-Congresse in Wien
Supplement to Commerce Reports Vol 40 Daily Consular and Trade Reports September 25 1917
The Brochure Series of Architectural Illustration June 1899
The Southern Almanac for the Year of Our Lord 1864 Being Bissextile or Leap Year and the Fourth of the Independence of the Confederate States Containing Calculations for Five Different Latitudes Viz of Charleston S C Richmond Va Raleigh N C
The Effect of Temperature on the Width of a Small-Amplitude Solitary Wave in a Collision-Free Plasma
The Casting of Clay Wares
Specimens of the Westmorland Dialect Consisting of TReysh Bearin and Jonny Shippards Journa to Lunnan
Columbus A Bibliographical Note from the Catalogue of the Ticknor Collection Now in Press
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 19 September 15 1884
Lord Byrons Manfred At Drury Lane Theatre
British Standard Specification for Two-And Three-Plate Ceiling Roses
Poems Laura or the Complaint Ode on the Power of Music The Valetudinarian On the Death of His Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales
The Public Services in Memory of William McKinley President of the United States By the Citizens of Paterson New Jersey Eastside Park Thursday Afternoon September 19 1901
The American Loyalists in the Eastern Seigniories and Townships of the Province of Quebec
The Facts of Life Empowerment Journal
Modern Democracies Vol 1 of 2
The Arabian Antiquities of Spain
Best Friends - Cat and Dog Journal 150 Page Lined Notebook Diary
The Lake Erie Cross Erected July 1922 A Brief Record of the Discovery and Occupation of the North Shore of Lake Erie (1669-1670) by the Sulpician Priests Francois Dollier de Casson and Rene de Brehant de Galinee Who on March 23rd 1670 Erected a
Hombre de La Mascara de Hierro (Spanish Editiion) El
Strategic Consistency Synergy and Business Performance
The Work of the Royal Engineers in British Columbia 1858 to 1863
Zee La Abeja de la Pasiin Cimo Descubrirla y Distinguirla de Falsas Motivaciones
Deep and Crisp and Even
News from the Invisible World The Wonderful Account of the Extraordinary Experiences at the House of Mr Samuel Wesley Sen During 1716 and 1717 Being a Reprint of the Celebrated Letters of the Wesley Family
Great Missionaries of the Church
Genius of Universal Emancipation Vol 12 July 1831
The Plantsman Winter 2005
Present-Law Tax Rules and Proposed Committee Amendment Under S 712 Puerto Rico Status Referendum ACT Markup Consideration by Senate Committee on Finance on August 1 1990
Edward McKee Goodwin 1859-1937
The Printing-House of Neill
Addresses on the Occasion of the Death of the Hon Robert R Reed a Representative from the County of Washington Delivered in the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania January 4 1865
The Scoop Vol 2 October 18 1913
Team Work in Persia
Victory An Address
The History of Shakespeares Brooch Reprinted from the Stratford-Upon-Avon Herald April 13th 1883 With Additions
The Political House That Jack Built
The Extra Gill and the Full Quart Pot A Bibliographical Study
An Address Delivered Before the Pioneer and Historical Society of Pickaway County
The Old South Historical Work
Sam Slocums Great Centennial Jubilum June 17 1875
The Church in Wales A Speech
Scope of Soviet Activity in the United States Vol 70 Hearing Before the Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security ACT and Other Internal Security Laws of the Committee on the Judiciary United States Senate Eighty-Fourth
Personal Reminiscences What Fifty Years Have Done!
Speech of Mr Corwin of Ohio In Reply to General Crarys Attack on General Harrison Delivered in the House of Representatives February 15 1840
Brown Alumni Monthly Vol 30 December 1929
Proceedings at the Dedication of the Market Street Entrance to the City of Harrisburg Pa Held Under the Auspices of the Civic Club of Harrisburg April 20 1906
The Scope December 1940
The Dial of the Old South Clock Vol 9 December 5 1877
Memorial Addresses in Honor of Bishop Henry Benjamin Whipple at the Monthly Council Meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society in the State Capitol St Paul Minn Monday Evening October 14 1901
Der Konflikt Der Modernen Kultur
Stern Der 25 Dezember 1928
Some Experiments on Residual Ionization
Test of Dairy Apparatus
The Canadian Builder and Carpenter Vol 6 January 1916
Soldiers Adjusted Compensation Vol 6 Hearings Before the Committee on Finance United States Senate Sixty-Sixth Congress Third Session on H R 14157 a Bill to Provide Adjusted Compensation for Veterans of the World War To Provide Revenue Therefor
Adhesive Strength of Cement Mortar
Ordenanzas Que Han de Observar Los Factores de la Real Renta del Tavaco de Estos Reynos y Provincias del Peru y Chile Ano 1759 de Orden de Su Magestad
Charakterbilder Aus Protagoras
Andere Vol 1 Das Ein Blatt Zur Einfuehrung Abendlaendischer Kultur in Oesterreich 15 Oktober 1903
A Bibliography of the Chemistry of Gas Manufacture
Determination of Molybdenum
Holding Ponds for Adult Salmon
Abend Der Ein Kleines Gesprach
An Analytical Method for Detecting Blown-Out Shots in Coal Mines
An Examination of Mr Paines Writings
Official Catalogue of Sweet Pea Names 1909
The Benefits of Speculation
The Geographic Distribution of Animals and Plants in North America
Stone Henge A Poem
Livestock and Meat Situation
Apparatus for Gas-Analysis Laboratories at Coal Mines
Lecture on the History of Mathematics
The Paris Covenant for a League of Nations Text of the Plan Adopted by the Paris Peace Conference April 28 1919
Early Red River Culture
Resources of British North America and Newfoundland Vol 3 October 1905
Proportional Formulae Bi-Complex and Tri-Complex or a System Algebraically Derived from the Nature of Proportionals For the Facilitation of That Process in Arithmetic Commonly Called the Rule of Three
The Teeth and Their Care
Marriage in the States
Migrations and Habitat of the Tuna (Thunnus Thynnus L) Studied by the Method of the Hooks with Observations on Growth on the Operation of the Fisheries Etc
An Address in Memory of Ulysses S Grant
Variations in the Dissolved Oxygen Content of Intragravel Water in Four Spawning Streams of Southeastern Alaska
Salmon Escapements Above Rock Island Dam 1954-60
0 (Logn) Parallel Time Intersection and Union Algorithms for a Set of Planar Disc
Address to the Members of the Monthly Meeting of Friends of Philadelphia on the Subject of Marriage
The Resolvents of Konig and Other Types of Symmetric Functions
The Importance of Safety in Railroad Operation
Effects of Various Concentrations of DDT on Several Species of Fish of Different Sizes
de Soto and the Indians First of a Series of Childrens Plays in Commemoration of the Close of a Century of Statehood
Laura Secord Being an Address Delivered Before the Canadian Club of Winnipeg May 1st 1907
Address at the Close of the Twenty-Second Annual Fair of the American Institute on Awarding the Premiums
The Slagging Type of Gas Producer With a Brief Report of Preliminary Tests
Elementary Electricity Training Pamphlet No 1
The Canadian Scot
Bibliographical Ghosts
Leaves from the Ancestral Tree with Twigs and Blossoms from Its Clinging Vines Genus Man Family Jackson
The Penny Vegetarian Cookery or Vegetarianism Adapted to the Working Classes Containing an Introduction Showing the Economical and Beneficial Tendency of Vegetarian Habits An Invalids Dietary Table (Being Suggestions to Dyspeptic Patients) a Family
Village Annals Containing Austerus and Humanus a Sympathetic Tale
Catalogue of Books Belonging to the First Congregational Sabbath School Library Dover N H
A College Story
In Memoriam Charles Wesley Speers 1856 1920
Maryland Colonization Journal Vol 3 May 1846
Marys Little Lamb
The Golden Present Designed for the Amusement and Instruction of All Good Masters and Misses in the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland
Memoirs of Major Thomas Merritt U E L 1759 1842 Cornet in Queens Rangers 1776 1803 Under Col John Graves Simcoe Major Commandant Niagara Light Dragoons in the War of 1812-14 Surveyor of Woods and Forests And Sheriff of the Niagara District
The Canadian Church Magazine and Mission News Vol 7 March 1893
Idowanna A Play for Children in One Act
Our Church Fair A Farcical Entertainment in Two Acts
Aggies Vol 3 October 1928
From the Sales Viewpoint Modern Business Talk No 9
A Few Remarks Upon Some of the Votes and Resolutions of the Continental Congress Held at Philadelphia in September and the Provincial Congress Held at Cambridge in November 1774
The Victory Won A Memorial of the REV Wm J Hoge DD Late Pastor of the Tabb Street Presbyterian Church Petersburg Va
Contributions to the Physiology of the Stomach A Dissertation
Italys Right to Her Natural Boundaries November 1918
Genius of Universal Emancipation Vol 3 April 1833
A Grand Filly
Juvenile Instructor Vol 41 December 1 1906
Harpers New Monthly Magazine Vol 30 May 1865
Make-Believe A Comedietta
The Warden (1855) I the First Novel in Trollopes Six-Part Chronicles of Barsetshire Series
The American Claimant (1892) by Mark Twain a Novel (Illustrated) By Daniel (Carter) Beard (June 21 1850 - June 11 1941) Was an American Illustrator Author Youth Leader and By Hal Hurst(1865-1938) Was an English Painter Etcher Miniaturist Illust
Legend of the Infancy of Our Saviour A Christmas Carol
Discovering Jesus An Apologetic Discourse of the Gospel of John
The Rig-Veda Mantras in the Grhya S#363tras Vol 1
Question-Based Bible Study Guide -- Birthing a New Community Good Questions Have Groups Talking
The Behavior of High-Boiling Mineral Oils on Heating in the Air
Yanqui En La Corte del Rey Arturo (Spanish Edition) Un
Henry Timrod Man and Poet A Critical Study
The Gorgons Head
Pernicious Marine Life A Guide to Venomous and Poisonous Marine Animals
Penny Plain
Question-Based Bible Study Guide - Spoken The Rhythm of Life Good Questions Have Groups Talking
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 20 November 1 1885
The Importance of Being Earnest A Trivial Comedy for Serious People By Oscar Wilde To Robert Baldwin Ross(25 May 1869 - 5 October 1918) Was a Canadian Journalist Art Critic and Art Dealer Probably Best Known for His Relationship with Oscar Wilde
Precis of the Archives of the Cape of Good Hope Journal 1662-1670
State Normal Magazine Vol 21 March 1917
The Anti-Slavery Reporter Vol 4 For December 1831
The History and Care of Tapestry
The Golden Slipper And Other Problems for Violet Strange (1915) By Anna Katharine Green
The Kipling Index Being a Guide to the Authorized American Trade Edition of Rudyard Kiplings Works
Fishhook Gas Pool Pike and Adams Counties Illinois
The Thruston Collection Vanderbilt University
Aboriginal Soapstone Quarries in the District of Columbia
Beyond the Sunset
The Paternoster Pilgrims An Impossible Sketch
Aerial Oceanographic Observations Cape Cod Massachusetts to Miami Florida July 1969 June 1970
A List of the Marine Mammals of the World
Las Conferencias Americanistas Discurso Resumen
A Journey Around the World Including Interesting Adventures in Many Lands with Professor Glee and His Class of Young People in Their Travels Visiting the Historic and Famous Cities and Places of Europe Asia Africa South America Australia and Many Is
A Study of Soil Potassium
The In#64258uence of Copper on the Rate of Solution of Iron in Acids Dissertation
Christian Democracy in Pre-Reformation Times
A Study of the Igneous Rocks at York Haven and Stony Brook Pa and Their Accompanying Formations Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Pennsylvania in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degre
The Dance of Death In Painting and in Print
The Insoluble Chromicyanides
A Summers Day And Other Poems
Remains of a French Post Near Trempealeau I Archeological Sketch II Additional Archeological Details III Historical Sketch
Charles William Sherborn An Appreciation
Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Samuel J Hayes Superintendent of Machinery of the Illinois Central R R September 25 A D 1882
Crawfords Defeat A Tale of the Frontier in 1812
A Spectrographic Study by Means of a Grating (Replica) Spectroscope and the Determination of the Wave Lengths of the ARC Spectrum of Tantalum Presented to the Faculty of Vanderbilt University as a Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Science
Joseph Patais Selected Poems Translated from the Hungarian
Sherwood Progress Report No 4 July 1959-December 1960
Hymn to Venus An Anthology in Miniature of Poems
The Snow Shroud or the Lost Bairn O Biddleston Edge
The Kingdom of All-Souls And Two Other Poems for Christmas
Verses Sacred and Profane
An Epistle to a Canary
The Lament of the Emerald Isle
Enquiry Into the Expediency and Practicability of Reducing the Interest on the National Debt And a Plan for Effectuating That Measure with the Concurrence of the Fundholders
The Journal of English and Germanic Philology Vol 18 January 1919
The Silver Cross
Speech of Mr A Lincoln of Illinois on the Civil and Diplomatic Appropriation Bill Delivered in the House of Representatives of the United States June 20 1848
Rocky Mountain Poems
Two Poems Class Day Poem And the Purple Hills
The Childs Story-Book
In Memoriam A Discourse Upon the Character and Death of Abraham Lincoln Preached in Pottstown Presbyterian Church on the Day of National Humiliation June 1 1865
Robert Burns An Address Delivered in Tremont Temple by Honorable George F Hoar on March 28 1901 Before the Burns Memorial Association of Boston
Poetry of To-Day Vol 1 The Poetry Review New Verse Supplement November-December 1919
An Ode
The Radiant Aid An Allegory in Verse
Pages of Poetry
Locksley Hall An Appeal from Locksley Hall Sixty Years After to Locksley Hall
The Crystelliptometer An Instrument for the Polariscopic Analysis of Very Slender Beams of Light
The Banners of a Free People Set Up in the Name of Their God A Thanksgiving Sermon Preached Before the First and Third Presb Congregations in the First Presbyterian Church Pittsburgh Thursday November 24 1864
Frost Fancies
A Guide to the Printed Books Exhibited to the Public in the Grenville Library and Kings Library
A Geographical Sketch of St Domingo Cuba and Nicaragua With Remarks on the Past and Present Policy of Great Britain Affecting Those Countries
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 26 An Illustrated Magazine Published Semi Monthly Designed Expressly for the Education and Elevation of the Young May 15 1891
The Sabbath Sabbath Walks and Other Poems
Squaw of Bear Claw Dramatic Indian Play in One Act for 3m 1f Founded on Wasula Monologue for a Woman
Look After Brown! A Farce in One Act
The Borderers Leap and Other Poems
The Village Curate Founded on Truth
Extraction of Grains and Cattle Foods for the Determination of Sugars A Comparison of the Alcohol and the Sodium Carbonate Digestions
General Results of the Investigations Showing the Effect of Sulphurous Acid and Sulphites Upon Digestion and Health
The American Union or War Unionism Considered Vol 2
Die Kunstlehre Dantes Und Giottos Kunst Antrittsvorlesung Gehalten in Der Aula Der K Universitat in Leipzig Am 4 Mai 1892
A Master Mind
Princess Pats Post Vol 1 Nov 1918
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 24 May 15 1889
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 29 June 1 1894
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 25 October 1 1890
The Cotters Saturday Night
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 29 January 1 1894
The Watsonian Vol 2 July 1928
Tops Tanagrams and Untearable Books Childrens Diversions from the Lloyd E Cotsen Collection An Exhibition July September 1990
All on Account of Professor
El Puente Encantado Cuento No 8 de la Coleccion Los Mil y Un Dias
A Letter from a Hawker and Pedler in the Country to a Member of Parliament at London Shewing How He Was Bound Apprentice to a Rich Linnen Draper at London How He Married and Set Up for Himself How His Master and Other Rich Men of the Trade Plotted His
Marriage Is Good News Fulfilling Gods Will for Your Marriage
Beginners Malay Word Searches - Volume 3
Beginners Malay Word Searches - Volume 5
A Distant Shore Notebook 150 Page Notebook Journal Diary
Casa de la Bruja La Cuento No 3 Cuento No 3 de la Coleccion de Cuentos Los Mil y Un Dias
Asteroid Field Notebook 150 Page Notebook Journal Diary
A Small Sip Notebook
Silberpappeln Kanusport - Freizeit - Natur
Luminous Efficiency of the Firefly
The Adventures of Mr Verdant Green an Oxford Freshman by Cuthbert Bede
The Big Book of Random Facts 1000 Interesting Facts and Trivia
Como Ser Feliz El Reto de Tu Vida (Pase Lo Que Pase) Aprende Las Mejores y Mas Eficaces Tecnicas Que Existen Para Ser Feliz Sea Cual Sea Tu Situacion Actual
Taboos of Terror Shock Sex Gore (2016)
Entrenales Para La Vida Ensena a Tus Hijos Pautas Emocionales Sencillas Para Superar Sus Miedos y Potenciar Su Optimismo Confianza y Seguridad Antes de Que Sea Demasiado Tarde
The Hittites and Lydians The History and Legacy of Ancient Anatolias Most Influential Civilizations
Life and Adventures of Santa Claus( Childrens Book ) by L Frank Baum( Include A Kidnapped Santa Claus( Short Story ) By L Frank Baum
An Old Fashion Christmas 2 Notebook 150 Page Holiday Notebook Journal
Asian Spring Temple Notebook 150 Page Notebook Journal Diary
Beginners Malay Word Searches - Volume 6
Ten Thousand Tangles A Zentangle-Inspired Art Colouring Book
Commissaire Est Bon Enfant Le Comedie En Un Acte
A Guide to the Mineral Gallery
Paulo Ucello
The Hospital Gazette and Archives of Clinical Surgery Vol 3 A Weekly Journal of Medicine Surgery and the Collateral Sciences April 25 1878
On the Diffusion of a Conducting Fluid Across a Magnetic Field
Retail Price-List Spring 1924
The Series of English Coins in Copper Tin and Bronze
Catalogue The Rewell-Low Dish Washing Machines for Hotel and Restaurant Use
Reflection and Transmission of Ultra-Violet Light by Sodium and Potassium A Dissertation Submitted to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University in Conformity with the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Report Prospectus and Publications of the Oriental Translation Committee 1861
The Viscosity of Liquids IV Ideal Liquid Mixture of the Types Ether-Ether and Ester-Ester Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Pure Science of Columbia University
Tewkesbury Abbey
Relative Spectral Transmission of the Atmosphere
Society for Irish Church Missions Report of the Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting Held on the 2nd of May 1851
Bancrofts Beautiful Flowers Fall 1897
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 19 August 15 1884
The San Francisco Illustrated Wasp Vol 4 February 14th 1880
Friedrich Christoph Schlosser (Geb 17 Nov 1776 Gest 23 Sept 1861) Gedchtnissrede Zur Feier Von Schlossers Hundertjhrigem Geburtstag Am 17 November 1876 in Der Aula Der Universitt Heidelberg Gehalten
A Rill from the Town Pump
An Account of a Recent Publication on the Golden Purple Codex of the Pierpont Morgan Collection
Petroglyphs of Saint Vincent British West Indies
Livingstons Wholesale List for Market Gardeners 1891
Daniel Webster A Paper Read Before the Madison Literary Club June 8 1885
An Account of Some Rare and Unpublished Ancient British Coins Communicated to the Numismatic Society of London
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 34 March 1 1899
Leather Refuse Its Value in Agriculture
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum October 1915
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 3 March 12 1892
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum July 1915
FLiNeur Des Deux Rives Le
Discourses at Norwich Vermont During the Obsequies of Truman Bishop Ransom Colonel of the New-England Regiment February Twenty-Second 1848 I a Sermon II an Eulogy
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum April 1912
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 19 July 1 1884
The Limits of Inflammability of Mixtures of Methane and Air
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 29 January 15 1894
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum April 1907
Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Museum October 1911
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 29 An Illustrated Magazine Published Semi-Monthly June 15 1894
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 31 July 1 1896
New Chapters in the Warfare of Science Vol 13 From Fetich to Hygiene
The Boys Book of Explorations True Stories of the Heroes of Travel and Discovery in Africa Asia and Australia From the Dark Ages to the Wonderful Century
Don Manuel de Amat y Junient Caballero del Orden de San Jaun del Consejo de S M Su Gentilhombre de Camara Con Entrada Teniente General de Los Reales Exercitos Virey Gobernador y Capitan General de Estos Reynos de Peru y Chile c
The Science of Animal Locomotion (Zoopraxography) An Electro-Photographic Investigation of Consecutive Phases of Animal Movements
Christmas Roses
State Normal Magazine Vol 21 April 1917
Wild Dick and Good Little Robin
A Study of the Heats of Dilution of Certain Aqueous Salt Solutions Thesis
Juvenile Instructor Vol 40 July 15 1905
Beni Hasan Vol 4 Zoological and Other Details from Facsimiles by Howard Carter M W Blackden Percy Brown and Percy Buckman With Descriptions by the Editor
Wild Life in Hampshire Highlands
Seasonable Expostulations with the Worthy Citizens of London Upon Their Late Instructions to Their Representatives
The North and the South An Address by L U Reavis at the Texas State Fair Held at Austin October 29th 1878
99 Returns or How the Orange and Black Boys Propose to Do It in 1914 Vol 7 June 1914
My War Record
Excursions Around AIX-Les-Bains
The Tiny Story Book
Arbor Day Annual May 14 1909 Prepared for Use in Public Schools
Visit to the Glaciers of Alaska and Mount St Elias
The Kittatinny Delaware Water Gap Monroe County Pa Open from May 1st to November
Inductive Proof of Macaulays Theorem
An Extension Theorem for Finite Element Spaces with Three Applications
Ethnographical Material from North America in Swiss Collections
Precipitation and Streamflow of a Colorado Front Range Watershed
The Great Speech of Hon John A Logan at Cairo Ill June 30 1866
A Survey in Baffinland with a Short Description of the Country
Scheme for Reducing and Finally Redeeming the National Debt and for Gaining Half a Million of Revenue by Extinguishing a Tax
Pennsylvania Grange News Vol 5 August 1908
The Hungarian-Polish Frontier Question
Probable Causes of Polygamy Among Birds
Supplementary Bond Legislation Hearing Before the Committee on Ways and Means House of Representatives Sixty-Fifth Congress Second Session
The Ballance of Power or a Comparison of the Strength of the Emperor and the French King In a Letter to a Friend
Sketches of MR Mrs Stephen Ridgley
A Letter to an Honourable Brigadier General Commander in Chief of His Majestys Forces in Canada
The Lost Child A Ballad of English Life for Mothers and Fathers
The Pioneer Ov Simplified Speling Vol 4 Aipril 1915
Quellenstudien Zu Heraklit Pseudohippokratische Schriften
William Pinkney Lawyer Statesman Diplomat Address of Henry Flanders Esq Before the New Jersey State Bar Association June 16 1906
Gases in Metals III the Determination of Nitrogen in Metals by Fusion in Vacuum
A Trip Through Northern and Central Florida During March and April 1882
Electronic Organization and Expert Networks Beyond Electronic Mail and Computer Conferencing
George Wyndham
Mitteilungen Des Deutschen Pionier-Vereins Von Philadelphia Vol 4 Dr Constantin Hering
Things You Should Know about the Chicago Board of Trade
Illinois History Vol 42 A Magazine for Young People February 1989
Penny It Shillin
Memorial to Peter Smith Byers A M First Principal of the Punchard Free School At His Funeral in Christ Church Andover Good Friday P M March 21 1856
Edward William Thomson
Eulogies John B Rice of Illinois Alvah Crocker of Massachusetts Samuel F Hersey of Maine Samuel Hooper of Massachusetts
The Life of Sir Stamford Raffles
The Coral Reefs of the Tropical Pacific Vol 2 Plates 106 to 199 Niue to Ladrones
Shells National Finance Imperial Preference Liberalism Three Speeches
What Do You Know about Wall Street? Do You Understand Why and How the Market Establishes Values and Prices?
Storage Space Requirements for Household Textiles September 1955
Petals from the Flower of Song
Breeding New Vegetable Varieties
A Story and Some Pictures
Memorial Sketches of REV Robert Hall Morrison D D
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 26 April 1 1891
Annis Domini 1873-74-75 or the Presidency of Horace Greeley
Wholesale Price List Spring 1961
Illustrated Lecture on Practical Improvement of Farm Grounds
A Sketch of Central America Read Before the Unity Club Washington D C
Memorial Addresses on the Life and Character of Newton W Nutting (a Representative from New York) Delivered in the House of Representatives and in the Senate Fifty-First Congress First Session
The Stone Hammer and Its Various Uses
The First Five Years of the House of Mercy Clewer
Lincoln and the Convention of 1860 Address Delivered Before the Wisconsin State Bar Association July 15th 1915
Favorite Fruits for Dixie Planters
The Evils of the Modern Pleasure Dance A Sermon
The Soul of Mr Pitt Developing That Eighteen Millions of Taxes May Be Taken Off and the Three Per Cent Consols Be Constantly Above 100
The Present State of Jacobitism in England A Second Part In Answer to the First
Anecdotes and Reminiscences of Genl U S Grant
Dedication of the Pioneer An Heroic Statue in Bronze Erected on the Campus of the University of Oregon by Hon Joseph N Teal of Portland May 22 1919
Assassination and Death of Abraham Lincoln A Contemporaneous Account of a National Tragedy
A Narrative of an Attempt Made by the French of Canada Upon the Mohaques Country
Summer Catalogue of Potted Strawberry Plants and General Fall Price List 1885
Autobiography of Thomas Church Brownell Third Bishop of Connecticut
The Upper Envelope of Piecewise Linear Functions Algorithms and Applications
Monthly Bulletin of the Pennsylvania Department of Labour and Industry March 1915
A Little Present for a Good Child
A Simple Method of Determining Stress in Curved Flexural Members
Communication to His Excellency Governor Cobb on the Boundary Between South-Carolina and Georgia By the Attorney-General of South-Carolina
Description and Instructions for Use of Warner and Swasey Azimuth Instrument Model of 1910
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 2 July 1920
The Pretty and Entertaining History of Tom Thumb With His Wonderful Escape from the Cows Belly Adorned with Wood Cuts
The Resistance of Steels to Abrasion by Sand
The Two Yellow-Birds Embellished with Cuts
The Venturi Meter Patented by Clemens Herschel Hydraulic Engineer and Builders Iron Foundry
Entropy-Temperature and Transmission Diagrams for Air
Experiments on the Strength of Iron Rails at Different Temperatures
The Utilization of Fuel in Locomotive Practice
Tables of the Principal Speeds Occurring in Mechanical Engineering Expressed in Metres in a Second
Project of an Instrument for the Identification of Persons For Use in Military Establishments Police Offices C and for Physiological and Artistic Research
Great American Levees A Comparative Report on Flood Protection in the Mississippi and Sacramento Valleys Made for the West Sacramento Company
Fishery Research at the Fisheries-Engineering Research Laboratory
The Canadian Builder and Carpenter Vol 6 September 1916
Simplified Technique and Apparatus for Measuring Energy Requirements of Cattle
The Good Girls Present or Mary and Her Mamma
Friction Factors for Helical Corrugated Pipe
Mrs J E de Camp Sweets Narrative of Her Captivity in the Sioux Outbreak of 1862
Instructions for Mounting Using and Caring for 12-Inch Mortar Carriages Model of 1891 for Mounting Cast-Iron Mortars Model of 1886 and Steel Mortars Model of 1890 April 19 1904 Revised December 22 1909 Revised April 21 1917
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 1 October 1918
Word Explosion A Blast of Eclectic Poetry
Platons Philebus
The Historic Names of the Streets and Lanes of Oxford Intra Muros
Ageing Well
Aboriginal Urn-Burial in the United States
The Brown Alumni Monthly Vol 11 January 1911
Natural Philosophy and Modern Chemistry
Popps Journal 1777-1783
Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists Vol 11 Bellini September 1902
Selections from Chapter IX of the History of the Seventy-Third Illinois Infantry Volunteers Eighteen Months Experience in Prisons Down South of John L Hesser and John W North Members of the Seventy-Third
Begin Anew
Le Chef-D Uvre Inconnu
Addie Noble and the Dark Elves
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 23 Organ for Young Latter-Day Saints October 1 1888
Find Joy
La Traviata (the Lost One) A Grand Opera in Three Acts
Divine Connections A Womans Guide to Identifying the Roles Relationships of People We Encounter
Testimonio de la Sentencia Dada y Pronunciada En La Causa de Capitulos Que Gaspar Fernandez de Grando Tesorero de la Santa Cruzada de la Ciudad de Ica Puso a Don Iuan de Villegas y Godoy Su Corregidor y Justicia Mayor y Teniente de Capitan General D
The Spoilt Child An Address in the Rodef Shalom Temple Pittsburgh Sunday November 17 1912
Soduko Easy Soduko
The Foundation of Tintern Abbey Co Wexford And on the Introduction of the Ass as a Beast of Burden Into Ireland
The Marriage Puzzle A Christian Perspective
Argument of the Play Thermidor Drama in Four Acts
Engravings of Prehistoric Specimens from Michigan U S a
The Four Adventurers A Comedy for Girls
Notice of the Botanical Writings of the Late C S Rafinesque
Notizie Su La Vita Di Clorinda Troyse
Irene and Other Poems
Latent Heat of Fusion of Ice
What Is Malnutrition? Hundreds of Thousands of American Children Are Undernourished
Prehistoric Man in Utah Illustrated
The National Debt in Its True Colours With Plans for Its Extinction by Honest Means
The Ministry of Masonry
Poetry of To-Day The Poetry Review New Verse Supplement March-April 1919
Lima the City of the Kings Welcomes You With the Best Compliments of the House This Guide Is Made Available to You in Our Desire to Contribute to a Fuller Enjoyment of Your Visit to This Beautiful City
The Band of Gideon and Other Lyrics
Variance of Measuring Instruments and Its Relation to Accuracy and Sensitivity
Longfellows The Birds of Killingworth Illustrated with Introductory Comments Outline of the Story Notes Questions and Suggestion for Dramatization
Our Leader Read at the Lincoln Memorial Meeting of the Church of the Covenant Washington D C Sunday February 7 and Also at the Lincoln Centennial Banquet in Springfield Illinois February 12 1909
The Beaver Vol 2 A Journal of Progress January 1922
Ingratitude A Poem Inscribed to the Most Grateful of Mankind
The Case of the Annuitants Stated and Compard with Other Creditors of the Government With Some Remarks on a Late Pamphlet Intitled an Argument to Shew the Disadvantage That Would Accrue to the Publick from Obliging the South-Sea Company to Fix What C
Robert and Jane
El Salvador of the Magic Table Lands
Hok#365sai A Talk about Hok#365sai the Japanese Painter at the Century Club March 28 1896
Faith and The Works in the Trial of David Swing Heretic
One of Cleopatras Nights
Peace at Any Price A Farce in One Act (Adapted from the French)
Julian Grenfell
An Answer to the Anonymous Author of a Familiar Epistle to Mrs Con Phillips
The Canadian Builder and Carpenter Vol 2 December 1912
Peter Parleys Story of the Unhappy Family
Effects of Sound Waves on Young Salmon
The New Haven Line of Steamers
The Waterman or the First of August In Two Acts
The Little Sisters Or Emma and Caroline
A New Plan for Street Railways
The Bunch of Violets
The Russell Process at the Yedras Mill
Microelectronic Interconnection Bonding with Ribbon Wire
Miss and Her Doll or the New Years Gift
Freedom from Fond Friends
The Winning OT!
Notes on Mechanical Drawing Introductory to Machine Design Arranged for Students in the Lewis Institute
Heat Transmission Through Boiler Tubes
Some Biographical Sketches of David Early and His Descendants
The Last Sermon Preached in the Ancient Meeting House of the First Parish in Ipswich February 22 1816
A Short Narrative of Facts Relative to the Invention and Practice of Steam-Navigation
Complex System and Tool for Fine Robot Assembly
Magazines and Thaw Houses for Explosives
The Osprey Vol 4 An Illustrated Monthly Magazine of Ornithology June 1900
Water Supply Outlook for Oregon and Federal-State-Private Cooperative Snow Surveys Issued May 8 1978
An Imperial Policy Dangerous to the Republic Speech of Hon John F Shafroth of Colorado in the House of Representatives Tuesday June 14 1898
Coalition Cryptography and Stability Mechanisms for Coalition Formation in Task Oriented Domains
The Climate of New Mexico and Las Vegas Hot Springs
Celebration of the One Hundred and Tenth Anniversary of the Battle of Groton Heights First Decennial Commemoration Second Century
Elements of Effective Advertising
Rise and Future of Irrigation in the United States
Self-Instructor The Childs First Drawing Book Containing All the Pictures on Andrews Noiseless Drawing Slates for Schools and Families
Simplified Directions for Using L B Hales New Tailor System of French Dress Cutting
Interference Measurements of Wave Lengths in the Iron Spectrum 2851-3701
The Culture and Management of Our Native Forests for Development as Timber or Ornamental Wood
Ragnarok A Vision of the Last Great Day
Marketing New Hampshire Potatoes
Retailing Milk in Laconia
Erie Railway Tourist
The Photography of Aquatic Animals in Their Natural Environment
Weekly Newspaper Publishing Economies in 1931 and 1932 An Analysis Based on a Survey of 171 Newspapers Representative of the Rural Publishing Business
Notes on the Development of the Ruby Color in Glass
Exemption A War Playlet
Information Technology and Product Policy (A) Smart Products
Buffalo Duluth Chicago
The Newsdealer Vol 2 April 1 1891
A Sweet and Prosperous Home Is the Foundation of Happiness A 160-Acre Farm Can Be Obtained Cheap on 10-Years Time Just Like a Building Association on the Shoshone Reservation Wyoming 350 000 Acres Opened for Public Entry by the Government
Wave Lengths in the Red and Infra-Red Spectra of Iron Cobalt and Nickel Arcs
White Man Bery Unsartin Nigger Haint Got No Friends No How The Blackest Chapter in the History of the Republican Party The Men Who Robbed and Combined to Rob the Freedmen of Their Hard Earnings
Creel Census Connecticut River Shad Sport Fishery 1957-58 And Estimate of Catch 1941-56
Choleraepidemie Die Dissertation Unter Besonderer Verwerthung Der Vom Koeniglichen Geheimen Regierungsrath Herrn Dr Koch Gemachten Entdeckungen Am Stammorte Dieser Krankheit Und Specieller Benutzung Der Vom Koenigl Geheimrath Und Universitatsprofesso
A Laboratory for Fish Behavior Studies
Test of Welds A Report of an Investigation Conducted by the Engineering Experiment Station University of Illinois in Cooperation with the Chicago Bridge and Iron Works
The Church of England in Colonial Virginia Vol 1 1607 1619
An ACT for the Union of Canada Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and the Government Thereof And for Purposes Connected Therewith
Peter Henderson and Co s Low Quotations on Bulbs for Import Orders To Be Shipped as Soon as New Crops Are Ready During Summer and Autumn 1901
Report on Technical Investigation of Odometers
Views of Toronto
Richardsons Calendar Garden Guide and Catalogue of Rich Brand 1898 Garden Farm and Flower Seeds Potatoes Bulbs Flower Pots Tools Etc
Marcelino Menendez y Pelayo
Speech of Right Hon Sir Wilfrid Laurier P C G C M G on the Transcontinental Railway A Link Uniting the Provinces on Canadian Soil Transportation to the Markets of the World Thursday July 30 1903
Report on the Influence of Gauge Length and Section of Test Bar on the Percentage of Elongation
Supplement to the Handbook of the S P Avery Collection in the New York Public Library Additions of Prints 1901-1920
British Standard Specification for Cast Iron Spigot and Socket Low Pressure Heating Pipes
Processes Affecting the Distribution of Selenium in Shallow Ground Water of Agricultural Areas Western San Joaquin Valley California
British Standard Specification for Salt-Glazed Ware Pipes
Resources of British North America Vol 2 A Monthly Review of the Developed and Undeveloped Wealth of the Dominion of Canada and of Newfoundland October 1904
The Armour Engineer General Index Vol I-VIII 1909-1916
Interference Measurements in the Spectra of Argon Krypton and Xenon
Graduation at Gayville
Choice List of Desirable Books Relating to Canada Conquest of Canada in 1760 American Invasion of 1775 War of 1812 Indians Local History Magazines
A Laboratory Furnace for Testing Resistance of Firebrick to Slag Erosion
Report of a Delegate to the Anti-Slavery Convention of American Women Held in Philadelphia May 1838 Including an Account of Other Meetings Held in Pennsylvania Hall and of the Riot Addressed to the Fall River Female Anti-Slavery Society and Publish
State Normal Magazine Vol 15 March 1911
The Archaeologist Vol 2 August 1894
Immigration An Address Delivered at the Convention of the Georgia Bankers Association at Macon Georgia June 6th 1907
Experiments in Preventing Leaf Diseases of Nursery Stock in Western New York
The Prayer Journal
Catalogue of Pennsylvania State Normal School Ninth Normal School District Indiana Indiana County 1879-80
Price List of Fancher Creek Nurseries 1903
The Oregon Supplement
Mining and Milling of Lead and Zinc Ores in the Wisconsin District Wisconsin
Archbishop Quigley A Tribute
The Speaker Vol 4 August 8 1891
A Tribute to the Memory of a Faithful Public Servant A Sermon on Occasion of the Death of President Taylor
In Memoriam Orange Ferriss 1814-1894
The Universities Mission to Central Africa A Speech Delivered at Oxford
Computer Aided Engineering and Project Performance Managing a Double-Edged Sword
Wholesale Catalogue of Dutch Bulbs Roman Hyacinths Cities Azaleas Camellias Hardy Roses Rhododendrons Clematis Etc Etc Season of 1889
Indicators for Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen in Air and Flue Gas
A Discourse Occasioned by the Two-Hundredth Anniversary of the Formation of the First Congregational Society of Milton Mass Delivered by Frederick Frothingham Associate Pastor in the Meeting House at Milton Sunday April 28 1878
Memoirs of the Pilgrims at Leyden
British Standard Specification for Wrought Iron for Use in Railway Rolling Stock
The Juvenile Instructor Vol 19 February 15 1884
Lard and Substitutes
The Effect of Stemming on the Efficiency of Explosives
Father Hennepin An Attempt to Collect Every Edition of His Works A Bibliography Thereof
Through the Glass
Remarks on the Salmon Fishings of Scotland
The American Shad
The Analysis of Sulphur Forms in Coal
Supplement to the Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia
In Memoriam Theodore Henry Hittell Born April 5 1830 Died February 23 1917
Supplement to Commerce Reports Vol 66 August 22 1917
Hungarian Railways and Territorial Integrity
The Reforestation of Sand Plains in Vermont A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Ogden Graduate School of Science in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Department or Botany)
Gloria a la Santisima Trinidad Honor Al Potentisimo Siempre Prospero Augusto Carlos IV En Los Portentosos Triunfos del 12 de Agosto de 1806 y del 5 de Julio de 1807 Contra Las Armas Britanicas
Report to the Board of State Harbor Commissioners on the Preservation of Timber
Catalogue of the Collection of Etchings by Charles Meyron of M de Salicis Deceased Late of Paris And a Small Collection of Drawings by the Old Masters the Property of a Baronet
Illustrated Descriptive Catalogue of Flower and Vegetable Seeds Seed Potatoes c for 1874
World Wool Prospects 30 January 1932
Catalog of Garden Grandeur Fall 1958 Spring 1959
I Kants Ansicht Von Der Freiheit Des Menschlichen Willens Inaugural-Dissertation
The Rate of the Reaction Between Iodic and Hydriodic Acids
Physical Oceanographic Studies of Narragansett Bay 1957 and 1958
Vapor Pressure of Ammonia
Bibliography of Worcestershire Vol 3 Works Relating to the Botany of Worcestershire
Charles Eliot Norton Two Addresses
Descriptions Diagrams and Prices of Twenty-One Elegant New Dwellings for Sale on the Crown of Lenox Hill
Some Conditions of Child Life in England
A Few Words to Church Builders
Hiram B Jones and His School Read at the Fourth Annual Meeting of the Quaker Hill Conference September the Sixth Nineteen Hundred and Two
Minnesotas Northern Boundary
Early Smoking Pipes of the North American Aborigines
La Prueba
A Descriptive Reading on Holland
Tingles 1919 Catalog The Best Varieties in Strawberry Plants Fruit Shade and Ornamental Trees
Philippine Islands Report by Mr Consul Ricketts on the Trade and Commerce of the Philippine Islands for the Year 1867
Indicators Versus Card-Charging with Some Reference to the Intercourse Between Librarian and Reader
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 1 December 1918
A Descriptive Reading on Portugal
Price List Season of 1899-1900
A Roman Story
History and Description of the Capitol at Albany From the Albany Hand-Book for 1881 to Be Published in December 1880
Catalogue of Fruit and Ornamental Trees Plants Vines Grown at the Bellevue Nursery 1891-92
Holiday Entertainment or the Good Childs Fairing Containing the Plays and Sports of Charles and Billy Welldon and Other Little Boys and Girls Who Went with Them to the Fair With the Fancies of the Old Man That Lived Under the Hill
Catalogues of the Various Small Libraries
Undated Weekly Mandala Coloring Planner Organize Your Life Inspire Creativity and Reduce Stress101 Pages (Planner Mandala Coloring Pages) Durable Soft Cover 75 X 925 (1905 X 23495 CM)
La Sirena Negra
The Address of Brian Boru A Poem
Catalogue and Price List 1948
Raleghana Vol 8 The Execution of Sir Walter Ralegh and Some of the Events That Followed It
The Fractional Liquefaction of Rice Starch
Reading List on Japan
Fixation of Atmospheric Nitrogen
Heredity and Education Paper Delivered by W P Thompson PH D at the Eighth Annual Convention of the Saskatchewan Educational Association at Prince Albert April 24 25 26 and 27 1916
An Architectural Monograph on the Town of Suffield Connecticut
The Two Speeches of R King Cutler Esq on the Matter of Mr Thomas P May Arraigned at the Bar of the Louisiana State Constitutional Convention for Contempt July 22d and 23d 1864
A Letter to the Reverend Mr G Logan A M One of the Ministers of Edinburgh
Additional Observations on Sexual Selection in Spiders of the Family Attidae With Some Remarks on Mr Wallaces Theory of Sexual Ornamentation
The Development of the Atomic Theory
Inclusions in the Silver Voltameter Deposits
Photometry of the Gas-Filled Lamp
The Categories of Variation
Annual Report of the Town Officers of Bath New Hampshire For the Fiscal Year Ending Feb 15 1908
Radium Vol 1 A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Chemistry Physics and Therapeutics of Radium and Other Radio-Active Substances June 1913
The Influence of Certain Electrolytes on the Composition of Saturated Bredig Gold Sols Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Pure Science in Columbia University
Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Artists Vol 11 Abbey November 1902
A Study of the Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids Occurring in Fish Oils
Every Man His Own Painter! or Paints How to Select and Use Them A Plain Treatise on Homestead Villa and Cottage Painting Containing Information Valuable to the Householder and Practical Painter By the Author of House Decoration Etc
Just Plain Jones A Rural Comedy in One Act
Sketch of the Botanical Work of the REV Moses A Curtis A M D D F A A S
A Comparative Study of Longline Baits
John Gardner Murray Priest Prelate Primate
Hail Thou in Majesty Cornell
The Canadian Builder and Carpenter Vol 7 October 1917
Die Alkoholfrage Ein Vortrag
Oil-Camp Sanitation
The Canal System of New York State Issued Albany October 1 1917
Measuring Euripides
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 3 November 1920
The Story of Castle Frank Toronto
Axtell Shaft and Pole Coupling Instructions for Its Application to Carriages
Fullers Earth
Stable Fittings Catalogue 1901
Ber Die Neu Bekannt Gewordenen Handschriften Der Homerischen Hymnen
Memorandum by Chief Engineer Presented at the Annual Meeting of the General Body of the Members Held on Tuesday May 29th 1900
Hochelagans and Mohawks A Link in Iroquois History
Report of the State Commissioners of Fisheries For the Year 1877
British Standard Specification for Five-Ampere Fifteen-Ampere and Thirty-Ampere Two-Pin Wall Plugs and Sockets for Domestic Purposes (Without Earthing Connection) Revised December 1919
The In#64258uence of William Morris and the Kelmscott Press As Shown by an Exhibition of Books from the Later English Presses at the John Carter Brown Library in December 1911
Well Paved Streets Their Importance Economy Materials and Administration
Bridgeports Improved Sewerage System
Circular of the Mechanics Institute of the City of New-York Containing an Address to the Mechanics and Manufacturers of the United States Regulations and a List of Premiums to Be Awarded at the Second Fair to Be Held in Castle Garden September 1836
Salmon Tagging Experiments Along the South Shore of Unimak Island and the Southwestern Shore of the Alaska Peninsula
Canadian Life and Resources Vol 6 January 1908
The Symmetric Function Tables of the Fifteenthic Including an Historical Summary of Symmetric Functions as Relating to Symmetric Function Tables
Souvenir of Wolfville and Grand Pre With Local Directory and Historical Notes
Standard Public Time
Report of the Select Committee Upon the Subject of Slavery in the District of Colombia Made by Hon H L Pinckney to the House of Representatives May 18 1836 To Which Is Appended the Votes in the House of Representatives Upon the Several Resolutions
Texas and Mexico in 1846 Comprising the History of Both Countries with an Account of the Soil Climate and Productions of Each
On the Milling of Gold Quartz
Accuracy and Limits of Applicability of Solutions of Equations of Transport Dilute Monatomic Gases
Instructions to Rainfall Observers of the Signal Service U S Army General Orders No 32 1887
Experiments with Insecticides for the San Jose Scale
Illustrated Topographical Record of London Changes and Demolitions 1888-1890
Voluntary Patients in Asylums
Happy Island Child Poems
El Palacio Vol 12 January 1 1922
Maatzsche Prhistorische Sammlung Im Altertumsmuseum in Stettin Die
Restoration of St Albans Abbey Report of George Gilbert Scott Esq R a
The Epistle to the Hebrews An Experiment in Conservative Revision
Catalogue and Price List the Implement Company Giving Special Low Prices of the Best Farm Implements and Farm Machinery
The Pot-Culture House at the Agricultural Research Institute Pusa
Poster Work in Kindergarten and Primary Grades
A Study of Test Methods for the Purpose of Developing Standard Specifications for Paper Bags for Cement and Lime
Nietzsche Und Die Deutsche Kultur
Tables Showing the Relative Weights of Papers
An Illustration of the Benefit Which Branch Railway Companies Proprietors of Existing Main Lines of Railways Landowners and the Public at Large May Derive from Branch Railways
Brief of Title to Nine Tracts of Land Lying and Being in District No 3 of Depreciation Lands Formerly in the County of Westmoreland But Now Partly in Allegheny Co and Partly in Butler County in the State of Pennsylvania
The Founding of South Australia As Recorded in the Journals of Mr Robert Gouger First Colonial Secretary
Gustav Freytag Gedachtnis-Rede Gehalten Auf Dem Vierten Allgemeinen Deutschen Schriftsteller-Und Journalistentag in Der Aula Der Universitat Heidelberg
Determination of Aluminum as Oxide
The Murderous Tyranny of the Turks
Die Ethik Des Bachja Ibn Pakuda
The Mysteries of Government or Favoritism Unveiled A New-Years Present to the People of South Carolina
A Knowledge-Based Approach to Handling Exceptions in Workflow Systems
Trends in Growth of Farmer Cooperatives 1950-60
National Politics Speech of Hon Chas Jas Faulkner of Virginia at Reading Pennsylvania September 4 1852
The Jerusalem of Torquato Tasso Vol 1
Somnium Scipionis Fur Den Schulgebrauch
Plan and Agreement for the Reorganization of the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad Company Dated March 14 1895
Foglie Al Vento
Escudo de Armas Nacionales El Monograf-A Histrica Documentada E Ilustrada
A War-Note or Two as a Guide to Good Will in the Empire Respectfully Inscribed to the Patron President and Members of the Empire Club of Canada
The Fruit Bark Beetle (Scolytus Rugulosus Ratz) Order Coleoptera Family Scolytidae
Calculating the Present Value of Riskless Cash Flows
Economic Operation of Steam Turbo-Electric Stations
Reef Fishing in the Philippines
The Composition of Indian Rain and Dew
Vier Lieder Fir Eine Singstimme Mit Klavierbegleitung Op 36
Special Trade Price List for Spring of 1898
Maxims on the Preservation of Health and the Prevention of Diseases Selected from the Best Authorities with the Way to Wealth from Dr Franklin
Public Libraries and Art Education
Speech of the Most Reverend His Grace the Archbishop of Dublin on Presentation of Petitions Respecting Education (Ireland) in the House of Lords on Tuesday March 19th 1833
Becoming an American A Patriotic School Drama
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 3 August 1920
Blaine Conkling and Garfield A Reminiscence and a Character Study
Neufchatel and Cream Cheese Farm Manufacture and Use
Tests of Two Types of Tile-Roof Furnaces Under a Water-Tube Boiler
Report of Robert Faries Civil Engineer on the Surveys to Avoid the Inclined Planes on the Allegheny Portage Railroad
A New Method of Making Dry Red Wine
Notes on Lignite Its Characteristics and Utilization
The Grandest Playground in the World Delivered Before the Rochester Historical Society April 15 1918
An Investigation of the Strength of Rolled Zinc
Millennial Star Vol 97 October 31 1935
A Conceptual Ecological Model for Chesapeake Bay
In Memoriam Charles Loring Joslin A Sermon Preached in the Unitarian Church in Leominster Sunday January 8th 1893
An Experiment with a Steam Drill And Methods of Road Maintenance
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 1 November 1918
An Analysis of the Open-Pan Maple-Sirup Evaporator
Effect of Flow on Performance and Behavior of Chinook Salmon in Fishways
Address Delivered Before the New England Society of San Francisco at the American Theatre on the Twenty-Second Day of December A D 1852
A Treatise on Moulding Sand
Lincoln Birthday Service Address
Address of Mr John R Rathom Editor and General Manager of the Providence Journal Delivered at the Eleventh Annual Dinner of the Traffic Club of Chicago December 4 1917 and Printed in the Way-Bill the Official Publication of the Traffic Club
Bulletin of the Manual Training Department
Ski Touring in Rocky Mountain National Park
Remarks on the Colony of Liberia and the American Colonization Society With Some Account of the Settlement of Coloured People at Wilberforce Upper Canada
The Street Faker A Laughing Prescription Concocted
Muolo the Monkey or the Missing Link A Farce in One Act
Five Little Flower Songs
Householders in Danger from the Populace
The Function and Organization of University Presses An Address
Americas Greatest Peril The Bolsheviki and the Mooney Case
The Attention Value of Advertisements in Leading Periodical An Experiment in Measuring the Relative Attention Secured by the Various Advertisements Printed in the Saturday Evening Post of November 8 1919
The Reformers Reformed A Comedy in Four Short Acts
An ACT in Addition to an ACT to Provide for the Regulation and Inspection of Buildings the More Effecttal Prevention of Fire and the Better Preservation of Life and Property in Boston
The Weight of a Falling Drop and the Laws of Tate The Drop Weights and Molecular Weights of Some of the Lower Esters Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Faculty of Pure Science I
The Country Cousin Speaks Her Mind A Monologue
Federal-State Cooperative Snow Surveys and Water Supply Forecasts for Colorado River Platte River Arkansas River and Rio Grande Drainage Basins
Wire-Drag Work on the Atlantic Coast
D H S A Farcical Sketch
A Close Shave A Farce in One Act
The Story of Little Dick and His Playthings Showing How a Naughty Boy Became a Good One Being an Example for All Little Masters and Misses in the British Empire
The Drummer Boy or Battle Field of Shiloh
Christmas Eve at Swamps End
Rollos Journey to Cambridge
Roland Gentleheart
The Interesting Story of the Children in the Wood An Historical Ballad
On the Cyclonic Distribution of Rainfall
Catalogue of Greenhouse and Bedding Plants Flower and Vegetable Seeds Spring 1897
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 1 February 8 1890
War Ships for the Southern Confederacy Report of Public Meeting in the Free-Trade Hall Manchester With Letter from Professor Goldwin Smith to the Daily News
A System of Uniform and Common International Regulations for the Protection and Preservation of the Food Fishes in International Boundary Waters of the United States and Canada
Catalogue of a Collection of American and Foreign Coins and Medals Comprising Silver and Copper United States Coins Colonials Washingtons Proof Sets Patterns American and Foreign Medals and a Valuable Assortment of Rare Old Saxon and English Gold a
Malinda and the Duke
Price List of Fairview Nursery 1894
Resources of British North America Vol 2 November 1904
The Affectionate Parents Gift and Good Childs Reward Consisting of a Series of Poems and Essays on Natural Moral and Religious Subjects Calculated to Lead the Tender Minds of Youth in the Early Practice of Virtue and Piety and Thereby Promote Thei
Lessons in Nature Study
Atomic Theory and Low-Voltage Arcs in Caesium Vapor
The Land Bank of the State of New York A Co-Operative System to Finance Real Estate Mortgages for Long Terms and to Amortize the Debt by Small Annual Payments with the Privilege of Full Liquidation at Any Time
Poultry Feeding
Simsburys Part in the War of the American Revolution
Absorption of Lime by Soils
Sermon and Address Published by Order of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of New York for Distribution Among the Lodges Sermon Preached in Trinity Church Wednesday Evening May 6 1908 And Address the Upright Man and Mason de
Speech of Mr Badger of North Carolina on the Slavery Question In Senate March 18 and 19 1850
A Method for Measuring the Viscosity of Blast-Furnace Slag at High Temperatures
Columbian Adjustable Table and Desk Co Manufacturers of Adjustable Folding Tables and Desks
The Ophthalmic Review Vol 12 A Monthly Record of Ophthalmic Science June 1893
The Regicides Or the Story of Three of the Judges Who Condemned to the Punishment of Death King Charles I of England Who Was Executed January 30 1649
Exam-Room Problems and Suggestions for Their Solution
Some Account of the State of the Prisons in Spain and Portugal
Recent Developments in the Constitutional and International Status of the British Dominions
The Speed Limit A Sketch in Two Scenes
Benedict IX and Gregory VI
The Story of Rubber What It Is and What It Does
Notes on the Proposed Abolition of Slavery in Virginia in 1785
Die Treibeiserscheinungen Bei Neufundland in Ihrer Abhingigkeit Von Witterungsverhiltnissen
My Ego
Early History of the Town of Amherstburg A Short Concise and Interesting Sketch with Explanatory Notes
Memorial of Hector Monthly Meeting of Friends Respecting Lydia Hallock Deceased
Efficient String Matching with K Differences
The Crockett Almanac 1839
Great Britain and the Czecho-Slovaks
A Comparative Study of Methods of Examining Feces for Evidences of Parasitism
The Production of Vinegar from Honey
An Address Delivered Before the Franklin County Agricultural Society Green#64257eld October 4 1855
An Argument on the Assumed Birthday of Shakespere Reduced to Shape A D 1864
Ethische Element in Der isthetik Fichtes Und Schellings Das Inaugural-Dissertation Der Philosophischen Fakultit Der Universitit Jena Zur Erlangung Der Doktorwirde
The Truth of Anti-Slavery History
Summary of Canadian History in Rhyme
Ireland Under the Ordinary Law A Record of the Agrarian Crimes and Offences Reported in the Dublin Daily Press For the Six Months Running from 1st October 1886 to 31st March 1887
A Christmas Carol
A Study of the Atterberg Plasticity Method
Soil Conservation Literature Vol 1 Selected Current References
The Mermaid Inn Rye
The Future Washington
Insect Food of Fresh-Water Fishes
Sketch of the Life and Times of Joseph Curran Morrison and Angus Morrison Presidents of St Andrews Society 1850-54
Benjamin Franklin A Biographical Sketch
Mistaken Identity An Ethiopian Farce in One Scene
Hygiene as Regards the Sewerage of San Francisco
Juvenile Instructor Vol 35 Designed for the Advancement of the Young May 1 1900
Canadian Life and Resources Vol 6 September 1905
The Cause A Bit of War-Verse
Report of A J Bloor Delegate of the New York Chapter A I A to the Twenty-Sixth Annual Convention of the Institute Held in Chicago October 20th 21st and 22nd 1892
An Inquiry Concerning the Authenticity of an Alleged Portrait of Roger Williams
Infant Mortality Its Causes and Remedies
Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Orators Wendell Phillips
The Plantsman February and March 1993
Clinical Ophthalmic Oncology Orbital Tumors
Determination of Malic Acid
Electricite de Frances Performance Feedback System at Work The Case of the Piquage
History of the Rise Progress and Present State of Banking in All Parts of the World In Which Is Developed an Entirely New Principle of Circulating Medium for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland
Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Pictures from the Collection of Sir W W Burrell Bart Deceased (Sold by Direction of R M Burrell Esq) Which Will Be Sold by Auction by Messrs Christie Manson and Woods At Their Great Rooms 8 King Street St J
The Wellesley Prelude Vol 2 March 21 1891
A Memorial of John S C Abbott DD
Genius of Universal Emancipation Vol 12 May 1932
The Jubilee of Confederation 1867-1917
LEte Sur La Cote dAzur A Travelers Journal
The Worshippers Purpose A Journey to Knowing Mans Mandate
The Moral Priorities of Jesus What Does Jesus Want from Us?
Sentinel Rising Reardon Files 1
The Curry Clan
Une Panthere a Paris
Beyond the Banter Daring Discussions about Life and Faith for Blokes
Tivoli Italy A Travelers Journal
Children of the New World
The Chemical Industries of Canada
Caos El Manual de Accidentes y Errores
Courtship Companion
Bamboo Sally
The Dream Champion
The Lost Legacy of St Benedicts
Die Sinnesdatentheorie Und Ihre Kritik
Wheres My Dinner
The Looking-Glass or a New Golden Present for All Pretty Misses Whereby They May Become Patterns and Ornaments to Their Sex
Tesla For Beginners
Luxembourg A Travelers Journal
Couple on Train Platform A Travelers Journal
Unexplained Circumstance An Anthology of Supernatural Literature
When the Devil Climbs
History and Medical Description of the Two-Headed Girl
Establishing Tuna and Other Pelagic Fishes in Ponds and Tanks
Wisdom Tree 6
Dr Benjamin Rush The Annual Oration Delivered Before the Society of the Alumni of the Medical Department of the University of Pennsylvania March 9 1876
The Boathouse
Desolate Soul 2nd Edition
Petits Bonheurs En Chocolat Nouvelles
Pfarrer Von Langewiesche Der
Steps to Literacy Initial - Workbook E
Wisdom Tree 5
The National Style of Japanese Films by the 1930s
Knowledge Quest 1
Luke for President
Benjamin Lundy A Sketch of His Life and of His Relations with His Disciple and Associate William Lloyd Garrison
Knowledge Quest 7
Wire-Roping the German Submarine The Barrage That Stopped the U-Boat
A Statement of All the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Chester For the Year 1840-41
The Death Story
Benjamin Franklin and the First Balloons
Knowledge Quest 6
The Monument on Zion Hill An Address Delivered at Ephrata Lancaster County Pa on Patriots Day Wednesday September 11 1895
The Issues Involved in the Presidential Contest Speech of Hon William L Yancey of Alabama Delivered at Memphis Tenn August 14 1860
Researches in Physical Chemistry
Primer for Town Farmers March 1928
Cautions to Those Who Are to Chuse Members to Serve in Parliament To Which Is Added a List of Those That Voted for and Against the Bill of Commerce
W C Green and Co s Epitome of Southern Resources and Especially of the Marvelous City of Chattanooga Tennessee and Vicinity Chattanooga Tennessee June 1889
Memoir of the Life Character and Method of REV Joseph Nimmo
The Ophthalmic Review Vol 12 A Monthly Record of Ophthalmic Science July 1893
Descriptive and Illustrated Catalog 1904
Illinois State Parks A Paper Read Before the Chicago Literary Club April 10 1916
A Geography of New Jersey Designed for Schools and Intended to Accompany Mitchells New Intermediate Geography With a New Copper-Plate Map of the State Carefully Engraved Expressly for This Work
Fallacies of the Eastern Question
Propagation of Plants
North-Side Cedars Rimed and Photographed in Huntington Town on Long Island
The German Menace to America Address Delivered by George R Wallace Esq of Pittsburg Before the Chamber of Commerce of Pittsburgh October 2 1917
Germains 1948 Horticultural Specialists Since 1871
Equality as Consistent with the British Constitution In a Dialogue Between a Master-Manufacturer and One of His Workmen
Twenty-Seventh Annual Program for the Observance of Arbor Day in the Schools of Rhode Island May 10 1918
Spring and Fall Catalogue of the J M T Wright Nursery Co Portland Indiana U S A 1904
Pointing the Way to Greater Garden Pleasures
Spitama Zarathushtra
Roofing Farm Buildings
Roster of the Ex-Confederate Soldiers Living in Lincoln County with the Address of A Nixon Delivered Before the United Daughters of the Confederacy and Confederate Veterans in Court House Lincolnton N C on Memorial Day Friday May 10th 1907
Trapping and Transplanting Live Beavers
Report of Professor George Davidson Upon a System of Sewerage for the City of San Francisco
Pennsylvania Station in New York City
Water Resources of Hawaii 1912
The Canadian Horticulturist Vol 2 July 1879
Shipbuilding and Shipping Record Vol 11 A Journal of Shipbuilding Marine Engineering Docks Harbours and Shipping April 4 1918
The Deserters Daughter
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 2 April 1920
Mining and Engineering World Vol 44 January 1 to June 24 1916
Susans Visit or a Week Spent in the Country
On the Theory of Indicators and the Reactions of Phthaleins and Their Salts Dissertation Submitted to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University in Conformity with the Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
E L of Ch Ms Apology A Poem
Cavalry Unit Accountability Equipment Manual June 20 1913 Revised October 28 1914
Vernacular Architecture in the Eastern United States An Exhibition of Measured Drawings from the Historic American Building Survey
Cave Hunting in Yucatan A Lecture Delivered Before the Society of Massachusetts Institute of Technology on December 10 1896
The Medical Department in the Civil War
List of Fishery Bulletins of the U S Fish and Wildlife Service
Meadows White Flint Granite Mills
The Victoria Bridge at Montreal Canada Who Is Entitled to the Credit of Its Conception? or a Short History of Its Origin
Early History of Georgia Embracing the Embassy of Sir Alexander Cuming to the Country of the Cherokees in the Year 1730 With a Map of the Cherokee Country from a Draft Made by the Indians A Paper Read in Substance Before the New-England Historic Gen
Application of the Interferometer to Measurements of the Thermal Dilatation of Ceramic Materials
The Scent-Producing Organ of the Honey Bee
R I W Toxement Integral Water-Proofing Compound for Portland Cement Construction
Beautiful Flowers Coloring Book
Summary Analysis Review of Nicholas Sparkss Two by Two by Instaread
That Cat Book Coloring Book
All That Glitters
Xmas Wars
Poodle June Notebook Poodle Record Log Diary Special Memories to Do List Academic Notepad Scrapbook More
Poodle January Notebook Poodle Record Log Diary Special Memories to Do List Academic Notepad Scrapbook More
Cute Animals Postcard Book
Poodle April Notebook Poodle Record Log Diary Special Memories to Do List Academic Notepad Scrapbook More
Sorial Promise Book 1 of the Mindforce Saga
Pomeranian October Notebook Pomeranian Record Log Diary Special Memories to Do List Academic Notepad Scrapbook More
Nachtisch Rezepte Fur Weihnachten Mit Dem Thermomix Tm5
Mysterious Planets
Visions of the Universe
Lust Auf Hutte?
Coby Ryan Harris Is Officially Fat!
Pomeranian November Notebook Pomeranian Record Log Diary Special Memories to Do List Academic Notepad Scrapbook More
Moms Favorite Coloring Book
Poodle May Notebook Poodle Record Log Diary Special Memories to Do List Academic Notepad Scrapbook More
Dreaming of a White Christmas
Galatians A Literary Commentary on Paul the Apostles Letter to the Galatians
Poetic Transformations
Worshippers Capsules Divine Rhema on How to Improve Your Worship Lifestyle
Summary Analysis Review of Amy Myerss the Thyroid Connection by Instaread
Cafe Cottage Hindi Poetry
Flowers in December
Seasons Pass Life Remains
Scene Studies Monologues Duos Group Scenes From a Comfort Breeze Kurves the Musical Starz the Musical Strays the Musical
Everything the GOP Knows about Leading the Country
Libro de Actividades de Acciin de Gracias Para Niios Laberintos Colorear y Rompecabezas Mis Para Niios 4 -
The Joy of Heaven 4 Onward They Flew
King Akbar and the Shepherd How Devotion Determines a Satsangis Life
Tik the Walking Fish
Marseille France A Travelers Journal
The Path He Chose
Gather Up the Fragments The Poetry of Shelby Scott
Unique Abstractions
Great Lakes Review Issue 7
Moms Time Out
As Orange as Marmalade Tan Naranja Como Mermelada
The Dangers of Doing Good
Bermuda A Travelers Journal
Piper Periwinkle Spelling Bee Queen
Riley the Dog Visitor A True Story for People of All Ages
Of Sound Mind and Someone Elses Body
New England Timeline
El Auto de Anastasio
The Iron Content of Vegetables and Fruits
The State of the United Kingdom at the Peace of Paris November 20 1815 Respecting the People Their Domestic Energies Their Agriculture Their Trade Their Shipping And Their Finances
Plato Ein Popular-Wissenschaftlicher Vortrag
The Story of the United States Grain Corporation April 5 1920
International Decade of Ocean Exploration Progress Report January 1970 to July 1972
Florida East Coast Hotels Season of 1901-1902
Farm Storages for Fruits and Vegetables
A Collection of Water Colors from the Annual Exhibition of the New York Water Color Club An Exhibition of Paintings by Lester D Boronda An Exhibition of Miniatures by Charles Turrell of London England
Price Spreads and Prices for Eggs Frying Chickens and Turkeys in Selected Cities 1956-1961
Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Correlations
Nova Scotia and New England During the Revolution
1842 and 1843 Catalogue of Bulbous and Tuberous Rooted Flowers of the Most Choice and Splendid Varieties Cultivated at the Linnaean Botanic Garden and Nurseries Flushing New New-York
Retail Price List Fall 1903 Spring 1904
Report of the Committee on Standard Tests Written for the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the American Gas Institute October 1916

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